The Ultimate 22 Piece Bar Kit


The best Bartender Bar Kit your money can buy! This complete bar kit includes 22 of the most used bar tools for the professional bartender or the home bar.

All our tools are manufactured with the highest standards and are guaranteed to last. Each tool is carefully chosen by the best manufacturer in tool class thus guaranteeing you have the best of the best! All the bar tools you will need behind the bar as a pro Bartender.


The Most Complete Bar Set for Professional Bartenders

What’s Included in Your Bar Set

You will receive the following bar tools with your Ultimate 22 Piece Bartender Kit:

28 oz Steel Cocktail Shaker Tin with Weighted Bottom

The 28-oz stainless steel cocktail shaker is one of the most common bar tools sold. It’s used to cap a smaller cheater tin or mixing glass. The slight difference in proportion to our standard 28oz Weighted Cocktail Shaker makes all the difference to your work speed and performance, especially for flair bartenders. Made of the same quality stainless steel, and just as ideal for mixing drinks behind the bar or your home bar. This shaker tin is an essential item in any Bartender Bar Kit.

16 oz Steel Cocktail Shaker Cheater Tin

The 16oz top-quality stainless steel shaker, also called a cheater tin, or short shaker, tends to be used to cap a 28oz cocktail shaker.

“The Bartender Is Always Right” 16oz High Impact Mixing Glass

Pint glasses are a staple at every bar! Our 16 ounce Pint / Cocktail Mixing Glass is the perfect multi-functional glass. Bars, taverns, breweries tend to use them for serving pints of ale or lager. While restaurants use them for everything from water glasses, soda glass, or even for margaritas. It is also the perfect sized glass to be used in conjunction with the 28 oz Cocktail Shaker. For years, bartenders have mixed up all kinds of cocktails using this style glass. “The Bartender is Always Right” imprint makes your Bar Kit even more awesome!

Stainless Steel Bartender Speed Opener

Our Standard Stainless Steel Bartender Speed Opener is the best bar tool for any professional bartender in the restaurant business! Its sleek design allows it for lightning fast speed and super fast access. Also known as mambas, church keys, bar blades, flat openers, bar keys and beer poppers. This 1.5 X 7 inches bar tool is the ultimate beer opener bartenders just can’t live without! These are the way to go behind any busy bar, a MUST for a quick and productive pace. The Number 1 Tool in your Bartender Bar Kit.

4 oz Bartender Ice Scoop

This quality 4 oz. stainless steel ice scoop is perfect for bars, restaurants, or home use. This ice scoop is compact and versatile and can be used for anything from scooping ice to scooping candy or grain. Featured mirror finish. Very durable.

Measuring Jigger

Bartender Measuring Jiggers are a must for every bar and restaurant to keep on hand. Bar managers and owners love having their staff use them for inventory control. Professional mixologists also understand how important accurate measurements are when mixing ingredients in cocktails and highballs, and beginning or home bartenders rely on them for getting correct measurements for new recipes. Made of easy-to-clean stainless steel. Each size options features two measuring amounts (1.5 oz and .75oz included in bar kit). These standard double-sized stainless steel jiggers are huge top-sellers! Affordable, reliable, easy-to-clean, and have been a standard bar tool in the bartending industry for many decades. Dishwasher safe.

4 Prong Wired Cocktail Strainer

A cocktail strainer is a metal bar accessory used to remove ice from a mixed drink as it is poured into the serving glass. A type of sieve, the strainer is placed over the mouth of the glass or shaker in which the beverage was prepared. Small holes in the device allow only liquids to pass as the beverage is poured.

Julep Cocktail Strainer

A Julep Strainer is a metal bar accessory used to remove ice from a mixed drink as it is poured into the serving glass. A type of sieve, the strainer is placed over the mouth of the glass or shaker in which the beverage was prepared. The small holes in our Julep Cocktail Strainers allow only liquids to pass as the beverage is poured. A unique addition to any bar kit. A classic design for classy bartenders, the Julep Strainer is used differently than the wired Hawthorne type. Instead of fitting on the outside of a shaker or mixing glass, you fit this large spoon-shaped strainer just inside the rim and angle it so the mixed drink flows through the holes. It takes only a little practice, but gives you something else to put in your bag of tricks.

11″ Cocktail Mixing Spoon with Long Twisted Stem and Red Knob

Bar Spoons are one of the oldest tools in professional bartending and is still a much needed item today and a valuable addition to any bar kit. Not all drinks need to be shaken and it’s important to know when to stir a cocktail. For those times you need to stir a cocktail instead of shaking not just any drink mixing spoon will do for the job. Make sure to have this beauty close by!

Professional bartenders need professional tools. Our 11″ long Red Knob Cocktail Bar Spoon is the perfect bar tool for the busy bartender to elegantly stir their craft cocktails and look good doing it! This bar spoon in particular is made of strong stainless steel with a long twisted stem for better grip and smoother stir behind the busiest bar. The red knob on the end of this bar accessory makes it easy to spot among other barware. The long twisted stem enables better grip capabilities.

Juice Punch Can Opener

This can punch, also known as a church key, is a must have behind any busy bar or in any kitchen drawer. Whether you are opening an aluminum can of veggies for dinner, or cans of tomato juice behind the bar, the pointy end of this utensil will accomplish all tasks with ease. The other end features a bottle opener as well, therefore making this dual purpose tool even more vital to have at hand. Another great bar tool from Ink Correct, ensuring durability, stability and a long life span.

Double-Hinged Corkscrew Wine Key

This stainless steel double-hinged corkscrew wine opener features a double lever system which makes the removal of wine corks virtually effortless. The boot lever and serrated foil cutter are made of stainless steel, making this device durable and long lasting. The screw is coated with Teflon to ensure that it slides smoothly into wine corks without breaks or damages. This corkscrew wine opener is a popular choice for most bartenders and wait staff. Also known as a waiter’s corkscrew, its popularity is attributed to versatility and diverse functionality despite its compact size. Our double-hinged corkscrew is a must in any nightclub, bar or restaurant. It fits perfectly in any pocket and can act as a beer bottle opener just as well as wine bottle opener.

Prong Tip Bar Knife

Your bar tools collection just isn’t complete without this handy bar knife that features stainless steel construction with a pronged tip and wood handle. Easily manage the details that finish off your cocktails with the Pronged Tip Bar Knife with Wood Handle. This sturdy bar garnish knife is perfect for slicing lemons, limes, or any other garnish that you might want for a drink. A must have for every bar and restaurant. For added convenience, the pronged tip makes it easy to get olives or cherries out of the jar without using your fingers. No more messy, sticky hands! The comfortable wooden handle provides a sure-handed grip for effortless cutting. Your cocktails aren’t going to garnish themselves. Add this bar knife to your collection of valuable bar tools now!

Black Ribbed Tip Cocktail Muddler

Your bar tools collection just isn’t complete without this handy cocktail muddler. This muddler is a great example of standard size, weight and economics that works well in any bar setting. A must have for every bar and restaurant. For added convenience, the ribbed tip makes it easy to make cocktails that require muddling, such as Mojitos and Caipirinhas. The handle provides a sure-handed grip for effortless, quick muddling. Your cocktails aren’t going to muddle themselves! Add this awesome bartender tool to your collection of valuable bar gear now! The perfect addition to your bar kit!

High Quality Bartender Fruit Cutting Board

Perfect cutting board for bartenders to keep behind the bar. Will not crack, warp, chip or rot. Manufactured to the correct hardness, so that it does not blunt the cutting edge of a knife. Make sure to have this chopping board close by for all your fruit cutting needs! White 10″x 6″ Chopping Board.

The Bartender is Always Right Bar Pen

Got bar pens? Most likely not… Depending on where you work in the food service industry, you may or may not get the pen support you need. We’ve all been there… fights with management, chasing down customers, bulk purchases, and all manner of pen-hoarding crimes. The situation may seem comical, because it’s just a pen. But it’s NOT JUST A PEN! It’s essential to do your job. Your bar kit just isn’t complete without a pen in hand. A good bar pen is an essential part of a bartender’s uniform. This cool bartender pen reads: “The Bartender is Always Right”. Black body, black ink, refillable. A great gift for your favorite bartender! Also perfect for home use! You can never have too many pens!

Metal Pour Spouts With Black Rubber and Cover Sleeve Top

The Stainless Steel Liquor Pour Spouts’ tapered design offers control, accuracy, and the most perfectly consistent pour speed every time. These Liquor Pourers are economically priced and made of high quality stainless steel with a durable rubber cork. The all stainless steel construction ensures a long lifetime by preventing metal oxidation and degradation. One of its best features, by all other comparisons, is its high quality stainless steel construction. Pourer spout dust caps are useful addition to any of our standard metal bottle pourers. This long rubber pourer covers acts as a barrier to fruit flies and other pests. Great way to keep bugs and dirt out of drink pourers and your drinks. Useful accessories for the speed pourers. Our Ultimate 22 Piece Bartender Bar Kit includes 6 Metal Tapered Pour Spouts and 6 Rubber Cover Sleeve Dust Tops.

11 Function Stainless Steel Wallet Size Multi-Tool

Last, but not least… This 11-Function Multi-Tool is an awesome tool to have behind your bar! Credit card sized, this mini survival tool fits in your wallet! Black fitted leatherette carrying case included. Made of heat treated thick stainless steel (2mm), Durable steel construction, can strong enough to withstand the force required to use the tools properly. With a wide variety of uses, you’re sure find value in the multiple abilities of this tool. More than just a gimmick, the tools on this card actually work. Easily remove screws, cut wood and more. Also great for camping, hiking, emergencies, and the apocalypse.

• The can opener end is perfect to open your juice cans behind the bar
• A knife edge that can easily get your limes and lemons ready for the night
• Flathead Screwdriver for any screwing emergency
• Ruler (INCH Scale)
• Beer bottle cap opener
• 4-Position Wrench
• Butterfly Wrench
• Saw blade (Double Row Sawtooth)
• Direction ancillary indication
• 2-Position wrench
• Lanyard hole
• Made of strong stainless steel
• Dishwasher safe
• Made to last for years!

Professional bartenders need professional tools. This Complete Bartender Kit will have you ready for anything! A Perfect Combination of the 22 most Essential and Best Built Tools! Guaranteed to satisfy or your money back!

This Bar Kit is also perfect for home use! Make the perfect cocktail at the end of a long day at the office. Your home bar won’t be complete without these amazing bar tools.

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