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Express yourself with one of our unique beer bottle openers and bartender tools.

You will not find church keys this awesome anywhere else! Our custom bottle openers and bar products are a great promotional tool for your business or event too.

We also offer the best restaurant supplies, equipment, and furniture  in the restaurant industry at the most affordable prices. Find home bar ideas and essentials, as well as presents and souvenirs for your wine enthusiast friends and tiki bar fans. Get inspired by fun gift ideas for your bartenders and restaurant staff.

We offer 6 different styles of Inked Bottle Openers:

Made of Stainless Steel, our bartender speed openers are not stickers or transfers, but rather professional, top of the line, custom print work, decorated with cutting edge graphics applied through our State of the Art Inking System. As a result, they are both durable and attractive. We offer hundreds of cool pre-made designs.

Inked blank bottle openers also available for customizing! Choose the color of your openers and add name or line of text! Dozens of fonts to choose from! Solid glossy and metallic finish.

Don’t be shy! Get yours today!

These bartender speed openers print full-color designs on both sides of the bar key. Great for the professional bartender or the home bar fans, as well as casual home use. Also a great tool for promotional and branding uses.

The end result looks and feels like a brand new, custom paint job on a new car or a bike, thus giving it a durable and beautiful looking gloss!

In addition to being resistant to stains, and most importantly, scratches, our bartender Inked Openers are also water proof and dishwasher safe, which comes in handy after a long and messy night shift! Perfect gift for your bar staff!

Also known as Beer Poppers, Church Keys, Bar Keys, Bar Blades, Flat Openers, Flats and Mambas.


Ink Correct Bartender Bottle Openers and Bar Gear

Our Bottle Openers are Made in America!

The Inked Bartender Bottle Openers are Home Made and Custom Printed in the United States of America! Ink Correct specializes in the manufacturing and the designing of all our Inked Beer Bottle Openers here in the U.S.A. Our stainless steel bottle openers and inks are all made in the USA. We make and inspect each individual speed opener and restaurant supplies ourselves. You will not find better quality bar tools anywhere else. Our custom designed bottle openers are colorized using a state of the art custom printing system exclusive to our company. We also have our own Ink Correct artists designing all of our openers, or commissioning custom art work from professional artists, for this reason, you will not find any of our designs anywhere else, as they are exclusive to Ink Correct. In conclusion, no need to go anywhere else! Our all American-made church keys are printed in our South Florida production facility. What does that mean to you?

  • FREE RUSH PRODUCTION for all Inked Custom Bartender Bottle Openers.
  • FAST DELIVERY of all your bar gear.
  • Bar tools made with high quality premium material.
  • Keeping good paying jobs in America and not sending them overseas.
  • The best customer service at the lowest prices in the market!